Our Specialisations

Accounting & Finance

Whether you are a corporate CFO finding ways to protect the bottom line whilst instilling marketplace confidence or an FC with broad operational responsibilities providing CAPEX advice for a start up or private enterprise you are an extremely important player in the success of your business. Statutory compliance, management and financial reporting, analysis, reviews, and recommendations all take skill, experience and ability.

We understand this market and can work with candidates to help plan careers and provide advice where we can. This is often the case when someone is considering a return from working abroad or possibly looking for that first commercial role following their CA experience.

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Representing your products or services, building relationships, developing new accounts and making sales, you can never underestimate the importance of hiring the best sales professionals.

We have excellent contacts and relationships in this area and proudly work with many companies to source candidates for them in multiple locations throughout NZ. These include roles such as Branch and National Sales Managers, Business Developers, Sales Engineers, Territory Representatives and Account Managers. We also recruit support positions such as Sales Coordinators and Merchandisers.

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Office Support

The Accounts and Administration team in any business play a crucial role. Often these people act as the face of the business so attributes such as the ability to build rapport quickly, manage priorities and meet the expectations of suppliers and customers are very important.

Within the accounts based roles, in particular, excellent systems skills are paramount as is an understanding of how transactions affect others and ensuring the accuracy of information while working to strict deadlines.

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Temporary & Contract

The global employment market continues to see huge growth in the numbers of people looking to work from assignment to assignment, take on interim roles and work for many employers. The flexibility this offers both the employee and the company mean that we can only see this area continuing to grow into the future.

We have a very busy and regular group of temporary staff who enjoy the benefits of temping and many clients that utilise their skills throughout the year.

Fixed- Term assignments eventuate because of many things including parental leave, projects, and implementations. Sourcing someone with the right skills on an interim basis can be a huge asset to an Employer and add great skills and experience to the Contractor.

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Management & Leadership

General Managers, Branch Managers and those with specific verticals such as Operations, Logistics and Manufacturing and Human Resources all require strong leadership skills. They also require relevant industry experience and the ability to think commercially and act practically to get results. We work closely with the Executive Management to identify those with the right skill sets and proactively search the market for the best talent. With a reputation for knowing where people are or where they can be found this is an important part of our business.

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Operations & Logistics

From raw materials to the end consumer through production, planning, transportation, and storage; operations, supply chain and logistics are at the heart of the global economy. The significant worldwide disruptions over the last few years have impacted the industry greatly and further highlighted the importance of top talent in critical roles within companies.

Graham Consulting employs dedicated Consultants with years of experience sourcing talent in these areas; we understand the challenges and have well developed networks to identify the best talent in the industry.

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Marketing & Communications

As the famous author and Marketing guru, Seth Godin said: “Good Marketing is not about what you make but about the stories you tell”.

How Marketers get those stories to the right people has changed more in the last few years than it did in the two decades before that. While Marketers still require that combination of creativity, insight, and flair they also need to be at the forefront of their industry’s online strategy. As a digital native, they need to be agile and alert to the changing environment as well as commercially very astute and practical. We work with clients on positions from junior and entry level roles to senior executive appointments.

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Our team takes pride in their relationships with larger and smaller firms alike, as well as their ability to source the right candidate and provide valuable and relevant career advice for those looking at making a move. Positions range across In-house and Private Practice and s Legal Support, Practice Management and Authors from Graduate level to Partnership

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